Image describing: The first version of the Nectop was a real success, and we clearly enjoyed people reactions. We are working on the future of the Nectop

Nectop 2 is Coming soon

The beginning of a great story

Nectop : a kind of IT philosophy

Today, humanity is in front of lot's of deals :

  • Ecology
  • Freedom
  • Knowledge
  • Innovation

I think we can help people with a simple computer, ecological and ethical, that can help everyone to be autonomous. Today, being able to create a website or a mobile shouldn't be reserved for a minority. Being able to innovate and to share our work shouldn't be hard. Being able to learn shoud be easy.

The future of Nectop

That's how I imaginated the first Nectop : a complete and ready-to-use computer, with all the tools needed to be able to learn, code, create, and much more.

I'm aware that the 1st Nectop was suffering from some defaults. That's why I've started to think about the Nectop 2 : better, faster, stronger.

Stay tuned !