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We have a blog about IT, cybersecurity, development and news. We regularly add new posts about hacking, research or big news. Don't hesitate to visit it and let us some comments. We post proof of concept, benchmark, vulnerabilities and infosec news.

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In security, development, audit, open source, and more.


We develop all our solutions with one focus in mind : security.

Light Speed

Our code is safe, but if it's slow, it's not really useful. So, we organize, write and test our code to be the fastest.


We keep in mind the KISS principle because we think that simplicity is the ultimate aim in development, security, and training.

Open source

Open Source is the best way to maintain code by the crowd, and it lets people appreciate your work, transparently.


Our main activities are consulting, training, developement and pentesting. We can help you in different IT areas.


We support our clients in their projects in different languages : php, c, c++, c#, python, ruby, lua, javascript, and more.


Find the best code architecture that fits your project, your team and your clients is in our DNA.

Security access

Only authorized persons access authorized data. What else ?


Firewall, router, loadbalancer, server, hypervisor, ... Is our daily vocabulary.


We train our clients to code safer and simpler, and to think before do.


We develop cloud solutions based on open source technologies, and we are able to handle millions requests per second.


MySQL, MsSQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and soon, FortressDB, are commonly used in our developments and projects.

Open Source

We develop several projects in open source, and we help you to do the same, or to use open source code or libraries.

Adrien THIERRY - CEO / Founder


“I started very young in 'hacking'. Not the bad hacking you see in movies, but the ethical and intelligent hacking. I want to completely understand things. That's why I can secure and improve them. I'm passionate about creativity and innovation, and I bring to my clients the whole result of my knowledge (research, coding) in security and efficiency. I communicate with robots (arduino), services (api), servers (c, c++, ruby, nodejs...), and human (French, English, Spanish, and soon Italian). If your project or profile is not listed here, come anyway to contact me : the unknown do not scare me, quite the contrary."

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